Morocco showcases a fascinating blend of North African and European cultures and religions. It’s an electrifying city. Simply walking through the medina or watching the action in Jemma-El-Fna can be a carnival ride for your senses. Calls to prayer echo from lofty minarets, the aroma of saffron-infused tagines saturates the air, and spices in vivid shades of dandelion, magenta and ochre beckon from crowded shelves.

Marrakesh is a city to explore by foot. The Old City is cradled by 12 kilometers of ramparts and, though it is easy to get lost (and you WILL get lost), it’s worthwhile to take a deep breath and dive right into the labyrinth of winding alleys and bustling souks. Plus, you’ll encounter sites far off the tourist path and get a taste of true local life. Here are a few of my favorite photos from my Marrakesh adventures.

This man was super sweet. I asked to take his photo and then he pulled me into a conversation about American politics and the upcoming election.
strawweavinginsouksbwoodcarvingmoroccobYou can’t pass up shoes this colorful! I wanted a pair of “elf” shoes; however, my feet are too big. Looking back, I should have purchased a pair to simply mount on my already overcrowded souvenir wall.
moroccanshoesbAnd these sweet, snuggly kids…

From nuts and dates to lentils and dried kiwis, the street stalls offered a little bit of everything. I didn’t recognize a tenth of the spices on display, but I loved their rainbow of colors and textures.
Where would you find this shade of pink on the streets of Chicago?
Or a donkey for that matter? (The horse carriages on Michigan Avenue are not the same.)
And these tiled doorways?
I admit that I followed the locals on more than one occasion in order to get a creative photo.





Even the food was pretty!
And we drank and ate a lot! Mint tea is served piping hot with wayyyyy to much sugar. But it’s a Moroccan tradition and an excellent excuse to take an afternoon break in the medina.

Against all my environmental and animal ethical values, I visited a local tannery. It was interesting and very smelly.
But, I did get some incredible photos.
Are you ready to visit Morocco yet?