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Those days when you hate traveling

Traveling is a huge part of my past and that it has shaped me into the person I am today. But – there are those days when everything seems to go wrong, days when I’m almost ready to throw in my travel towel and scream that I hate traveling. Sometimes, traveling just kind of sucks.

Sailing to Suva, Fiji

Suva, Fiji, is an excellent stop for sailors, backpackers, honeymooners and everyone in-between. With a host of tantalizing cuisine choices, an intriguing history and its lush landscapes, Fiji is a welcoming, fun and relaxing destination. Plus, it’s affordable!

Sailing to Vavau, Tonga

Vavaú, Tonga boasts humpback whales, azure harbors, friendly locals and a culture that delights and captivates.

Teaching English in Cambodia

Far from the corporate life of Chicago, I found joy, acceptance and a love for the Cambodian community while teaching English in Cambodia.

The Secrets to Not Over-Planning Your Trip

Put aside your checklists and step away from the travel guides. Packing too much into a limited time period can be stressful and allow little time to encounter the true treasures of your destination. Slow down, keep your schedule to a minimum, take mental breaks and open yourself to new, unplanned opportunities.

The Secret to Dealing with Travel Anxiety

Anxiety in any form can be overwhelming and exhausting. Traveling is no exception. Let’s take a look at a few healthy, effective ways to deal with travel anxiety and how to keep following a path to fulfilling your wanderlust.

My 11 favorite travel apps

Travel-themed apps are the unrivaled hero of fun, creative technology: They help us travel safer, smarter, quicker, easier and cheaper — and who doesn’t want to lighten their load of travel stress?

My advice for planning your first solo female travel experience

Planning your first trip as a solo female can be daunting! Loneliness, safety and boredom are common, valid fears when traveling alone. But solo female travel can also be the most liberating, exciting, and inspiring gift you can give yourself. To ease your worries, here’s my advice for planning your first solo female travel experience.

South Island, New Zealand

An epic road trip around the New Zealand’s South Island holds moments of awe, inspiration, and pure joy. Visit Dunedin, Milford Sounds and more!

Fraser Island, Australia

Fraser Island, a sand-dune filled island along Queensland’s coast, offers a laid-back, sun-filled opportunity for fun. Visit Lake Wabby, Lake McKenzie and the Maheno Wrek amid an island with no roads.

Toledo Day Trip

With a Gothic cathedral, twisting medieval streets and sweet marzipan treats, Toledo offers the perfect escape and day trip from Madrid.

Visit Marrakesh, Morocco

From the souk’s mind-boggling chaos of sound and colors to the countryside’s mesmerizing tango of emerald and scarlet terrain, Morocco boasts a fascinating blend of North African and European cultures.

I'm a former corporate cube dweller turned global vagabond. After leaving my job in 2004 to explore the world, I fell in head-over-heals love with the spine-tingling rush of adventure and travel. Join me as I discover, play and seek new destinations.

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