Afternoons along Vang Vieng’s riverbanks – Today is Sunday. The girls are napping, and I am sitting along the river bank watching the children romp and play in the shallow waters. They don’t have school today and are free to spend the day splashing around. Most of the kids are 5, 6, or 7 yrs of age, and there seem to be no parents around to supervise. However, these playful youths have grown up on the water and everyone watches out for each other. They are all so happy-go-lucky, and I can’t help but laugh along with them.

I waded in a while ago and was quickly surrounded by eager boys, begging to be thrown. I gave in, and we had a great time until my arms reminded me that I had spent seven hours kayaking the previous day so it was back to my perch on the banks. The lads come by to splash me so often or to grab a piece of the chocolate bars I brought with me.

Time almost passes slower here in Laos, and the locals are never in a rush to get anywhere or do anything. It’s such a change from the busy lifestyle in Chicago, and I’m quite growing to like it here.  No worries is the motto of our month in Laos.

We only have one more week left in Laos and then we will be crossing into Cambodia. Plans are finalized for us to volunteer in Siem Reap for several weeks. We will be teaching English at one of the poorer schools in the area in an outside village. I’m pretty excited. That’s all for now. I see that the girls are making there way across the bridge to meet me and I am going to whisper to the boys to drag them into the river. It’s a hot day after all!