How to travel the world

Dreaming of foreign lands, cobblestone streets, crisp mountain air and history-steeped locales? Wish to plan an epic adventure but don’t have a travel buddy? Worrying about money, safety, planning and loneliness stop you from taking the leap toward your dream trip?

I’m here to help!

Solo Travel Resources (coming soon!)

Sanity-saving travel resources, planning tips and checklists for the independent traveling woman.

Solo Travel Course (coming soon!)

From building confidence for your solo trip and choosing a destination to budgeting and packing the essentials — learn how to prep and create your own adventure step-by-step.

Solo Travel Information and Blog Posts

What’s stopping you from traveling?

It’s easy to let our fears and anxiety about flying, terrorism, extreme weather, privacy wars and more prevent us from accomplishing our goals. As a result, many people are likely to never leave their home country and realize their dreams abroad. Don’t let that be you! What’s stopping you from taking your dream trip?

The Secrets to Not Over-Planning Your Trip

Put aside your checklists and step away from the travel guides. Packing too much into a limited time period can be stressful and allow little time to encounter the true treasures of your destination. Slow down, keep your schedule to a minimum, take mental breaks and open yourself to new, unplanned opportunities.

The Secret to Dealing with Travel Anxiety

Anxiety in any form can be overwhelming and exhausting. Traveling is no exception. Let’s take a look at a few healthy, effective ways to deal with travel anxiety and how to keep following a path to fulfilling your wanderlust.

My 11 favorite travel apps

Travel-themed apps are the unrivaled hero of fun, creative technology: They help us travel safer, smarter, quicker, easier and cheaper — and who doesn’t want to lighten their load of travel stress?

My advice for planning your first solo female travel experience

Planning your first trip as a solo female can be daunting! Loneliness, safety and boredom are common, valid fears when traveling alone. But solo female travel can also be the most liberating, exciting, and inspiring gift you can give yourself. To ease your worries, here’s my advice for planning your first solo female travel experience.