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Fraser Island, Australia

Fraser Island, a sand-dune filled island along Queensland’s coast, offers a laid-back, sun-filled opportunity for fun. Visit Lake Wabby, Lake McKenzie and the Maheno Wrek amid an island with no roads.

Toledo Day Trip

With a Gothic cathedral, twisting medieval streets and sweet marzipan treats, Toledo offers the perfect escape and day trip from Madrid.

Visit Marrakesh, Morocco

From the souk’s mind-boggling chaos of sound and colors to the countryside’s mesmerizing tango of emerald and scarlet terrain, Morocco boasts a fascinating blend of North African and European cultures.

I'm a former corporate cube dweller turned global vagabond. After leaving my job in 2004 to explore the world, I fell in head-over-heals love with the spine-tingling rush of adventure and travel. Join me as I discover, play and seek new destinations.

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