Hi, I’m Ashley…


Welcome to Global Dreaming, a 15-year journey of discovering the undiscovered.


A bit of background…

I grew up on a mid-west farm with horses and a dog named Beau. We didn’t lock our doors at night, and I had the luxury of autonomous adventure — traipsing through our 100-acre woodlands, building forts and hunting strawberries. My town offered little in terms of ethnic immersion, but my family spent weekends in Chicago and vacations sailing through the Florida Keys and beyond. I’m lucky to have parents who are fantastic, inspiring travel-lovers who always supported and encouraged my wanderlust soul.

College breaks found me cruising to Cuba, the Bahamas, and one epic circumnavigation of Cape Horn, South America.  My “Me Talk Pretty” business degrees helped hone my writing skills at a Chicago advertising firm, but I soon learned that climbing the corporate ladder or abiding to a 12-1 lunch hour was not for me.


So I left.


I flew to India with my best friend and crisscrossed Asia for a year drinking chai in Indiatackling cliff walls in Thailand, and SCUBA diving on the world’s most gorgeous reefs. We taught English in Cambodia and Vietnam and helped rebuild tsunami-devastated Koh Phi Phi island. Tasting the thrill of foreign countries was astonishingly addictive.


But I wondered…how could anyone return to normal life after these experiences.


“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.”


So I kept going.

Between returning to the States for brief interims, I lived and worked in New ZealandAustralia, and South America. I rode trains across Chinasailed through the Pacific Islands, taught English in Peru and had crazy adventures and misfortunes in Latin AmericaAsia, Mexico, Europe and Central America.


Fifteen years and 54 countries later, my wanderlust remains insatiable. It lies dormant for brief periods of “life happening,” but my yearning for learning languages and cultures, discovering new cities and cuisines, and living a life far from ordinary is always in the foreground, even if faintly.


A one-way plane ticket and a thirst for the unknown is life changing.


Global Dreaming grew in part as a way for my mom to stay on top of my travels (of course) and has since spawned into a passion for sharing adventures, advice, travel wisdom and a love for helping others discover the path less traveled. Travel encourages a profound understanding of the world, and the incomparable opportunity to learn about ourselves.


There are no excuses. The world is an awesome, soul-stirring gift – go discover it.