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Those days when you hate traveling

Traveling is a huge part of my past and that it has shaped me into the person I am today. But – there are those days when everything seems to go wrong, days when I’m almost ready to throw in my travel towel and scream that I hate traveling. Sometimes, traveling just kind of sucks.

The Secrets to Not Over-Planning Your Trip

Put aside your checklists and step away from the travel guides. Packing too much into a limited time period can be stressful and allow little time to encounter the true treasures of your destination. Slow down, keep your schedule to a minimum, take mental breaks and open yourself to new, unplanned opportunities.

The Secret to Dealing with Travel Anxiety

Anxiety in any form can be overwhelming and exhausting. Traveling is no exception. Let’s take a look at a few healthy, effective ways to deal with travel anxiety and how to keep following a path to fulfilling your wanderlust.

I'm a former corporate cube dweller turned global vagabond. After leaving my job in 2004 to explore the world, I fell in head-over-heals love with the spine-tingling rush of adventure and travel. Join me as I discover, play and seek new destinations.

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